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CAHA Hockey Swap

Hockey SWAP! Buy, sell, trade, barter

This page is for our players and parents to post items they would like to sell. You can also have In Search of ads placed on this page. This page is a great way for our association to work together and help each other. Why wait until the summer or fall for the Hockey Swap when you can post it here and time.

 This page can also by used to trade or barter. However, please note the rules below.

1) Items must be in safe usable condition
2) All submissions for sale items need to be emailed to the website manager @
3) All items must be accompanied with contact information such as email address.
4) Items will remain on the page for no more than 60 days unless the seller requests the item to remain longer.
5) Allow up to 24 hours for submissions to be posted to this page.
6) All sales are between buyer and seller. CAHA nor the website manager are involved in sales and hold no guarantees on items sold on this site.
7) CAHA is in no way responsible for the items condition at time of sale and will in no way warranty any item sold.