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Cadillac Area Hockey Association

The Cadillac Area Hockey Association is committed to: 

  • Fostering the love of the game of hockey in all players. 
  • Encouraging development of all players at all levels. 
  • Promoting our players to be the best they can be both on and off the ice.

Advanced Foot and Ankle

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City Glass of Cadillac

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Forward Concrete of Cadillac

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Crandall Precision

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Cadillac Castings, Inc.

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Avon Protection

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Evergreen Resort

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Tournament hotel sponsor

Cadillac Area Hockey Association and the Wexford Civic Arena

PROUD to be a Kraft Hockeyville Runner-Up in 2019!! 

A special thank you to the greater Cadillac community, and our friends across the U.S. for the votes, persistence and overwhelming support! 

We made it to the FINAL 4!!!   


Sportsmanship is one of the key elements we teach our children when they play. Whether it is a junkyard football game or an organized event such as a hockey game, it takes a lot of discipline and strength to be a good sport.  These moments need to be highlighted. Sportsmanship comes through good parenting and good coaching. CAHA prides itself in how well we play hockey.   We also take pride in the fact that we have outstanding players that at all times show top notch sportsmanship.

Do you have a story that highlights good sportsmanship?  If so, please submit your story to:  

Vacant Vacant