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In this area, you will be able to register your first-year player.

You will also find useful links that will guide you as a parent along the way.

If you have any questions along the way feel free to contact any of our growth committee members, they will be more than happy to assist you along the way.

Cadillac Area Hockey Associations growth committee members are:


New players

If you are registering a new player for the first time the following will guide through what needs to be done.

1) You must register the player with USA Hockey at the following link:

USA Hockey Player registration

The cost of USA Hockey Registration is $45.00

Step 2!

Register with CAHA by clicking the following link. You will need your players USA Hockey confirmation number so please either print the confirmation form or write the number down so you have it.

Learn to skate

Do you want your son or daughter needs to start from the begining? The Wex offers free learn to skate for children ages 3-7. This program offers the child a safe learning environment and instructors who have been skating for years. Some of the Learn To Skate instructors are Cadillac Area Hockey Association coaches.

The Wex Learn To Skate

This link will take you to The Wex Learn To Skate registration page. Here you will find more information about the program such as the schedule.

Jason Owens

CAHA President/ Peewee Coach

Shayne Nelson

CAHA Public Relations Chair/ Safe Sport Coordinatr

Mike Keen

Growth Committee Chair/ Mini Mite (6U) Coach

Hockey 101

This page has some great information about the gear your player will need for the season. It goes through how to fit the new gear and how it should feel and look.

2017 5000 Puck Challenge Completion Awards

CAHA and DTE Energy would like to congratulate the following players for completing their 2017 5000 Puck Challenge.


Sportsmanship is one of the key elements we teach our children when they play. Weather it is a junkyard football game or an organized event such as a hockey game, football game or any other game. It takes a lot of discipline and strength to be a good sport, and I feel that these moments need to be highlighted. Not only do these moments show good parenting but, also good coaching. CAHA has always been able to pride itself in how well we play the sport but, we can also take pride in the fact that we have outstanding players that at all times show top notch sportsmanship. If your player, son, or daughter show signs of such great sportsmanship send it to us and we will highlight it here in our sportsmanship corner.

From Matt Logan!

Last night it looked to everyone in the rink like Brayden tipped in a goal. Even the official went to him for his number to give to the scorekeeper. Brayden fessed right up and told the official he missed the puck and the shooter actually scored it. The official asked him twice if he was sure. After the game I told him how proud I was that he told the truth about it rather than claim the goal that he easily could have. His response was "dad, I care more about being a good teammate and winning than stats, what kind of teammate would I be if I took credit for someone else's goal"

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2016/2017 Cadillac Hockey Association Players

Congratulations Cadillac Pee Wee's

2016 Champions!!!

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Turcotte Camp in Traverse City!!

Kadin, Keaston and Collin at the Turcotte Camp in Traverse City